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General Process

  • Register or transfer domain name
  • Provide email accounts to user(s)
  • Hosting setup
  • Ongoing support
= Customer involved

Next Step

The first step is to register your new business domain name through our Domains Management website. If you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to be managed by us through the same website. Once you have successful registered or transferred your domain name, please send us your requirement description, and we will send you another form to collect all the information we need to setup your new website space and email accounts.

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Your business domain name gives a professional feel to your company website. It gives a unique name to your website and email accounts. A business domain name needs to be formally registered for it to be a formal internet reference name.

At PineMyrtle, we provide website and email hosting services at a competitive price. We provide these services as a standalone service or as part of the end-to-end website design and development service. We also provide domain registration and domain transfer services in order to have your domain name managed by us.

Domain Name Registration and Transfer

The domain name registration and transfer service are managed through our Domains Management website. The pricing for the different domain name suffix (such as .com.au) are also available on this website.

Unlimited Data Transfer

All our hosting options have unlimited inbound and outbound data transfer. This gives you a peace of mind knowing there is no additional cost due to data transfer. This applies to both website and email hosting.

Generous Mailbox Size

All our email hosting options provide generous storage allowance of 2 GB as standard. For heavy users, additional mailbox storage space can be provided at a minimal extra cost.

Generous Website Space

All our website hosting has generous storage allowance of 2 GB (Essential package) and 3 GB (CMS and E-Commerce packages) as standard. This is sufficient for most websites. However, if additional website space is required, there is an option to add more website space at a minimal extra cost.

FTP Access

All our hosting options provide a FTP account to allow files to be uploaded to the website server. This essentially provides a mechanism fore you to perform self-service website updates.

Dedicated/Static IP Address

All our e-commerce website hosting options come with a dedicated or static IP address. This is an essential requirement in conjunction with SSL Certificate to support secured online transaction.

Secured E-Commerce Website

Our e-commerce website package supports secured online store by ensuring all transactions are encrypted through the use of SSL Certificate (optional extra). This is possible because we provide dedicated or static IP addresses as standard for e-commerce websites.