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Choosing to go with the cheaper option of finding a freelance web designer, such as from Ozlance is often an option small business owners are tempted to take. They are attractive if you only have a small budget for a new business website.

Although there are some good freelance web designers who are able to give a reasonable quote and get the job done well, there are many who fall short of your expectations. This leads to disappointment and frustration, not to mention many hours wasted and the lost of some hard-earned money.

Every small business should be looking into having their own business website to remain competitive in this internet era where more and more customers are looking for products and services online. Having a one page website is better than none at all. However, if you want to have a website with more than just the contact information for your business, where do you begin?

There are many free software for you to instantly start up your website. For instance, Google and MYOB have come together to create Getting Aussie Business Online to give 50,000 businesses a free website with your own free .com.au domain name. You will get the website for free for the first year and subsequently pay $5 per month. There are other websites that offer tools to enable you to design and host your website for free.