Before we begin any project, it is wise to do some planning to avoid wasting our time and money in the long run. Planning to get a business website done is the same. Here are some issues to consider.

  1. Think of what you want your new website to achieve for your business. Is it just an information website to inform your customers of you contact details, opening hours for your store and information on the services or products you offer? Or do you want to make it into an e-Commerce site where you can sell your products online? You may want to include detailed descriptions of your products or services, showcase your work or include a page about your company history and mission statement.

  2. If your company already has a website, consider what you may want to change to make it better.

  3. It is a good idea to do some research into your competitors' website to get some ideas and decide on how your website can be better or different from theirs to attract more customers to your site.

  4. Do you want some specific functions on your website such as a blog, a news section, a forum or an option for customer to opt-in to receive regular newsletters from your company? These will require more work from you but you may want to consider these to provide added benefits to your customers in the long run.

  5. Will the content on your website change regularly? If so, you may want to build your website using a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can update the information yourself easily without having to know HTML (a programming language).

  6. Do you have a logo to help with the branding of your company? If not, you may want to get a logo designed first so that the website will blend nicely with the company logo and colours.

  7. Choose a domain name that reflects your business and one that is easy to remember. You have to check if the domain name is still available for you to use by going to a domain registrar.

You, as the business owner, know the most about your business operations and needs. Planning ahead will help you know what you want for your business website so as to avoid wasting your time and money in building a website that does not meet your business needs. I believe that business website should be built with the specific goals and needs of the business in mind. They should not have added bells and whistles that do not meet the business needs. A good web designer can help you to work through the above issues and give appropriate advice where needed.